everyone would do it

If the change were simple

You came to this page not out of luck or because the planets line up today, but because you have to be here. Your desire for change has finally overcome the comfort of staying where you are and acting.
You feel that you want more and you know that beyond the daily routine there is the possibility of your ideal life!

I want to simplify as much as possible the process by which you can take your life to the next level. No unnecessary details and no repetitive information. So I invite you to schedule a session.

I'm Mircea


I am here to tell you not only that this can be done but also that it is your right to live the best version of yourself. Version that already exists somewhere deep inside you! However, it was buried under tons of misconceptions, perceptions and convictions about who you really are. I want to change that!

Together we can:

Let's put in your mind a serious amount of confidence and motivation to start the fun

Let's create a clear vision of what you want to achieve

Let's create precise goals to follow

Let's develop an action plan to get where you want

Let's remove the self-imposed blockages and limitations

Let's act

Let's enjoy the process!

An improved you means an improved world.

Who are you to help me?

Easy Mircea with all these ideals of your expertise.

I went through it all. ADHD, ADD, depression, anxiety, loss of identity and confusion. Not all at once because it was too picturesque. But for this reason I took my personal development seriously and every day I tried to understand myself better. In other words, I've been my own coach so many times that I do it in my sleep. I pushed my limits constantly and tried to taste all the options of life.

If you still want to read
Have you read this far?

Here are some interesting things about me. Let's not be strangers.

  • I watched the series “Vikings” head-to-tail 4 times
  • I have an upper incisor tooth implant
  • I love animals and I want to adopt a monkey someday
  • Sport is an uncontrollable obsession
  • I really like mowing the grass; it seems to me a therapeutic action
  • When I was a student I won the title of “bully” of the class, nowadays I have adopted the title of “patient”
  • I’m in the habit of listening to a song 100 times until I just can’t stand it anymore
  • Until the age of 25 I lived in 8 different European countries
  • I don’t know how to cook at all
  • When I got my first grade of 5 in 9th grade, I cried until my eyes fell
  • Carol I and Marcus Aurelius are the characters that inspire me the most
  • I finished my bachelor’s degree in international relations and master’s degree in humanitarian aid, wanting to work in the field helping children in Africa
  • Every time I take a shower I sing something
  • Italy and Ireland are my favorite states and the Irish my favorite people
  • I did athletics and performance football
  • The nights are my muses for creation
  • When I worked at a luxury hotel in Dublin, I resigned and was fired the same day
  • Water in all its forms soothes me deeply
  • I would eat any kind of pizza at any time of the day
  • I hardly watch TV at all. The book is always my soul’s choice
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