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Hi, I'm Mircea

I want you to forget the idea that someone needs to fix you! You just need a little guidance in appreciating yourself more and prioritizing yourself.
I get it. I really do. Everyone sells happiness: from Netflix, to clothing brands and car companies. It is full of experts from various fields who will come to you with the recipe for happiness. They all tell you that if you just do as they say, you will achieve happiness; but until than, you remain stuck in your own mindset.
I suggest we redefine happiness a little.
Wealth and happiness in any area of ​​life are 100% inner goals. I promise you that all your negative thoughts and emotions can be turned into positive and enthusiastic ones! All you need is the will and a little inspiration to start the process as soon as possible.

The only person responsible for you is you!

What are you facing?

In my experience, the main needs of a person who wants to change - like you - are found in one of the following areas:


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The first step can be easy

Are you determined to be more?

The first step can be as simple as scheduling a free 30-minute session with me to see if I'm the person who can help you make the change

What people say

Mircea was born to coach! I say that because it suits him, it comes naturally to him, even outside the office. He is one of the most empathetic people I know and I am introduced to many because of my job. He is a very good listener, he does not interrupt you and listens to you to the end. He is very attentive and present in every phrase and action. I admire him for how much he is informed about the latest techniques and strategies to be able to cope with any situation. However, the most important thing is that he prepares his strategy according to your personality and needs.

Adriana L.

Adriana L.

Terapeut manual

Personally, I believe that not necessarily the professional training makes you fit to help other people and guide them, but your authenticity as an individual and the power of the example you set. This is what I felt in my experience with Mircea. Both the professional probity and the pleasant ambiance of the location where he works made me find, guided by this man, not only the solutions to the fears and mistrust I faced, but also the most important aspect, the causes. With Mircea I managed to define my goal and I learned how to organize my time and activities.

Ioana P.

Ioana P.

Profesoară de chineză

Throughout our interactions, the discussions with Mircea brought me a contribution of clarity and offered me a new perspective. His efficiency in figuring out exactly what I want to express gave me confidence that I can open up completely. A professional person with a touch of objectivity and positive encouragement.

Ionuț R.

Ionuț R.

Adriana L. Terapeut manual Ioana P. Profesoară de chineză Ionuț R. Avocat
The change begins with you ...


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